Sid Richardson College (or Sid Rich) opened in 1971 as a men’s residential college. Its construction was funded by a $2 million pledge from the Sid Richardson Foundation, which was established by Texas oilman, cattleman, and philanthropist Sid W. Richardson. In 1973, Lyndon B. Johnson dedicated the building. Sid Rich was the last college to become co-ed, finally opening its doors to females in 1987.

Sid Rich is unique in that it is the tallest building on Rice campus, standing at 153 feet (47m) tall. The design of Sid resulted from the need to fit over two hundred beds in limited space. The architects realized that they would need to build UP. However, William Marsh Rice’s will for the university states that no building on campus can be taller than 7 stories (the height of Campanile Tower). The architects cleverly designed the college to have only 7 elevator stops. Therefore, Sid has seven floors, each of which is split into an upper and a lower level. Students can live on either the “upper” or “lower” sections of their floor.

Sid Rich is full of traditions. Parties at Sid, such as 80’s and School Girls, are the stuff legends are made of. Students often make use of the six balconies towering above the main entrance to “douche” unsuspecting visitors. Additionally, Sidizens participate in an Orc Raid twice a year (during O-Week and Willy Week). Other traditions include Vatoring, Balcony Ball, and Death Ball. One of the most well known traditions across Rice campus is “Radio Free Sid,” which takes place from 3:00pm-6:00pm every Friday afternoon.

When it all comes down to it, our intimidating height, superior strength, and unwavering spirit serve to remind the rest of campus what a real college, the best college, looks like. Sid is the Tower of Power.